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Like many other sectors, if you have a dental-specialized website and also you are planning to do digital marketing, you must have an idea of what type of content engages more audience and which content would your viewers like to watch. In this article, we will talk about content like video, animations, graphics, local language, and explainer content that you must provide to seek more audience.

Video content

Visual medium: Videos incorporate both visual and audio elements, which appeal to more senses and help retain attention better than text or images alone.

Emotions and stories: Well-produced videos can better convey emotions, stories, and human experiences in an impactful way. This draws audiences in on a human level.

Explains complex topics easily: With the help of visuals, motions, and sounds, videos simplify explaining complex topics, processes, or products in an easy-to-understand manner.

Builds brand authenticity and credibility: Videos featuring real people, customers, and staff help build a real, authentic voice and picture of the brand in people’s minds.

Drives stronger customer interactions: Videos promote two-way engagement through features like comments, shares, and reviews. This allows for real conversations and feedback.

Higher levels of information retention: Studies show visual content is absorbed better as our brains process images 60,000x faster than text. Videos promote significantly higher retention of messages.

Optimizes for digital consumption: As mobile and video consumption grows exponentially, creating optimized video experiences for different screens keeps content engaging and accessible.

Boosts search visibility: Original, optimized videos increase organic search discoverability through YouTube and video embedding on websites.

Supports diverse content types: Videos support various formats like tutorials, interviews, walkthroughs, product demos, etc. keeping content fresh.

Enhances social sharing: Emotionally compelling, optimized videos are highly shareable across social platforms, helping reach wider audiences.

Animations and Graphics

Visual medium: As a primarily visual medium, animations and graphics appeal to visual learners and attract/hold attention better than purely text-based content.

Simplifies complex topics: Animations and infographics effectively simplify and illustrate complex topics/processes/data in an easy-to-understand visual format.

Enhances understanding and information retention: Breaking down information visually facilitates improved understanding and longer-term retention compared to text alone.

Conveys abstract concepts easily: Visuals allow the conveying of abstract ideas, processes, relationships, etc. that may be difficult to explain through words alone.

Universal appeal: Well-designed visual content can be understood by a wider international audience, unlike language-specific textual content.

Interactive and dynamic: Animations allow the incorporation of interactive elements and dynamically engagingly illustrating step-by-step processes.

Immersive experience: Graphics and animations provide a more immersive, engaging experience for the viewer compared to flat text or images.

Boosts creativity: Allows creative expression and storytelling through visual design beyond the constraints of text.

Enhances branding: Unique, on-brand graphic content strengthens visual identity and message communication.

Optimized for social: Compelling, optimized visuals are highly social media friendly and promote organic sharing and discovery.

Light on resources: Graphics and illustrations are generally lighter file sizes than video, promoting faster load times.

Local Language and Explainer

Relatable and contextual: Using the audience’s local/native language makes content culturally relevant and better contextualized to their region.

Breaks down barriers: Local language encourages engagement by removing language barriers that may hinder understanding of foreign textual content.

Builds emotional connection: Content in one’s language strikes an emotional chord and builds a stronger personal connection with the audience.

Catered for comprehension: Localizing simplifies expressions, colloquialisms, etc. to match the audience’s preferred communication styles and comprehension levels.

Tailored messaging: Allows crafting messages, examples, and culturally tailored stories that will truly resonate with the local audience.

Optimized discovery: Local language boosts organic discovery on local search and social platforms as content is tailored for those specific regions.

Builds trust: Communicating in the audience’s language comes across as more authentic and builds credibility and trust with them.

Clarifies complexities: Explainer content breaks down even complex topics, products, or services in simple, digestible steps and layman’s terms for all-around understanding.

Holds attention: Short, to-the-point explainers engage and retain attention better for message communication compared to long-form content.

Supports learning: The explain-and-simplify approach supports self-paced learning and information recall in an interactive, interesting way.


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