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Are you a dentist? Thinking about serving the patients? Struggling to enhance the support towards the patients? This article is for you, where you are going to learn several things before starting a dental chamber. You must know about the precautions before starting a dental chamber and must count the importance of a dental chamber. This article can be helpful for those dentists, who are ready to open a chamber and need digital marketing, website making for their business, and optimizing their website through SEO social media, and self-branding. This article will also help dentists, who are in a dilemma about starting a dental chamber in Bangladesh.


From the very beginning, you must set up a plan. Planning is the core of every successful project, so first of all, you need to set the plan. You must find out which goals you are chasing, and when the goal is specific you are ready to serve. A digital marketing plan must be established before launching the business. But it needs to be noted, that before starting your chamber, you must have some experience working in an established dental clinic.

Legal Requirements

Every business must have a legal entity, same goes for dental chambers. Thoroughly research and comply with all legal and regulatory requirements for operating a dental practice and surgical facility in your control. This involves registering the business, acquiring the necessary permits and licenses, and adhering to healthcare industry standards and guidelines.

Location is the Key

Carefully select an optimal office location for the dental chamber and postoperative recovery areas. Choose a site that is convenient for patients, highly visible, and meets regulatory standards for a clinical facility. Accessibility and proximity to your target demographic are important location factors. The better the location, the better the number of patients. In Bangladesh, we often visit the commonplace to fulfill our requirements, so it is a must to find a common place in your area, which is renowned for dentistry.

Staff Hiring

Staff are very important for any business, same goes for dentistry. Recruit a skilled, certified clinical team including dentists, dental assistants, hygienists, and support staff who are adequately trained to assist with all areas of dental chamber procedures from start to finish. Their qualifications must comply with your jurisdiction’s regulations. Even staff behavior can influence potential customer loyalty, market value, and many other factors. So, choosing good staff is important.

Choosing Quality Equipment

Make strategic investments in high-quality, modern dental equipment and surgical tools to fully equip the dental chamber. This ensures your facility has the technology, instruments, and setup needed to deliver excellent dental care and successfully perform oral surgeries. Key equipment includes suites for sterilization and postoperative monitoring of patients. Patients often look for service that uses rich and quality equipment.


Financing is a crucial part of any project. And when starting a new business it is very important to make a balanced financing. Secure adequate funding for start-up and ongoing costs through personal savings, loans, partnerships, or other capital sources. Develop a realistic budget and financial projections to manage expenses and cash flow effectively.


Like other businesses, dental service also needs to be secured by insurance. Obtain appropriate insurance policies such as malpractice insurance, property insurance, and general liability protection to mitigate risks and financial losses. In Bangladesh, it is important to find a good Insurance provider to get the best service.

Management System

This modern world needs modern solutions, so like many other services dentistry also needs to be modernized. Implement robust patient scheduling, records, and billing software to streamline operations. It will make your work easier and faster.

Clinical Protocol

Establish evidence-based infection control and patient care protocols to ensure a safe and high-quality patient experience.

Digital MarketingDental Marketing

Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy using tools like a professional website, SEO, social media, and community outreach to attract new patients and build your brand awareness. In Bangladesh, Creato Care is the first-ever company that is helping dentists to grow in the market.

Website Making

A website is an identity for any business. Nowadays, People first check the business through the internet and then decide whether to take service or not. So, a website is a must for dental chambers like any other business.

Social Media and Self-branding

Here are some tips for using social media and self-branding as a new dental business:


  • Create a memorable business name related to dentistry/location.
  • Develop a consistent color scheme and logo for your branding.
  • Design professional social media profiles and websites.

Content Strategy:

  • Post educational videos, before/after photos, and infographics weekly.
  • Share tips on oral health, new treatments, and practice updates.
  • Highlight success stories from happy patients periodically.


  • Establish a strong presence on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • Consider LinkedIn for other dental professional connections.
  • Go live occasionally on platforms to connect with followers.


  • Respond promptly to comments, messages, and questions from followers.
  • Thank people for shares, likes, and referrals to your page.
  • Run polls or ask questions to generate interaction.


  • Boost quality posts to reach a wider audience with your ad budget.
  • Run Facebook/Google ads to target people in your area.
  • Offer digital coupons or seasonal promotions.

Build Relationships with Patients

Building relationships with patients is very important. They can help to spread the business very easily. So, Key aspects of developing these relationships include:

Providing Personalized Care: Get to know each patient’s oral health history and needs to tailor their treatment plans and care.

Open Communication: Make communication an ongoing process through active listening, clearly explaining treatment options, and answering any patient questions in a caring manner.

Focus on Patient Satisfaction: Ensure every patient interaction, from the receptionist to post-op care, exceeds expectations to achieve high satisfaction ratings. Address any concerns promptly.

Emphasizing Oral Health: Educate patients about nutrition, risks of certain habits, preventive strategies, etc. to promote good oral health long-term.

Building Trust: Establish trust through integrity, clinical expertise, and consistently friendly, compassionate service over multiple visits.

Positive Reviews: Satisfied patients who feel cared for will happily refer family and friends through word-of-mouth, supporting organic practice growth.

Ongoing Engagement: Send reminders, and newsletter updates and evaluate care periodically to maintain relationships beyond individual appointments.

Last but not least, we say in short a dental chamber must need some precautions to start and must need to adopt some steps while running the business. Dentists might get it frustrating and tiresome. Creato Care is the very first company that introduced us to the development of dental service in Bangladesh and started serving the dental industry with a high rate of success.

Dipak Das

Social Media Manager | Meta & Google Ads Expert | SEO

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