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If you are a dentist and have a website you must know about the contents you should provide on your website. Contents are the key to a website ranking and it will help you directly in patient’s attention. In this article, we will see audio, video, text, sound, digital marketing, and specializations you should do for your dental marketing. Also the importance of digital content for Dental Marketing.

Audio Contents

Podcasts – Record podcast episodes discussing oral health topics. Have dentists and hygienists as hosts. Post on the practice website and directories.

Patient education – Create short audio clips (1-3 mins) answering common questions. topics like tooth brushing, flossing, types of cleanings, etc.

Testimonials – Interview happy patients and get their verbal reviews about the treatment received. Builds social proof and trust.

Office/staff introductions – Record the dentist and team introducing themselves, qualifications, and areas of focus. Personalized touch.

Behind-the-scenes – Record snippets from operations, and procedure explanations. Give listeners an inside view.

Case studies – Interview patients reviewing complex cases, and pre and post-treatment outcomes. Impactful storytelling.

Marketing/advertisements – Develop branded ads promoting offers, and events using audio clips. Distribute across channels.

Upload to websites/social platforms – Embed audio files/podcasts directly on pages for easy access on the go.

Developing rich, informative audio content cultivates engaged patients and expands a dental practice’s online presence and authority. It’s impactful digital content for Dental Marketing.

Video Contents

Procedure Videos – Demonstrate cleanings, fillings, crowns, root canals, etc. Educates patients virtually.

Office/Equipment Videos – Give tours of facilities, and showcase modern technology and specialized tools used.

Staff Introductions – Personal video bios help patients connect with the care team.

Testimonials – Feature real patients sharing positive experiences and outcomes.

Before/After Comparisons – Showcase dramatic oral health transformations from treatments.

Timelapses – Condense long procedures into sped-up, engaging video clips.

Explainer Videos – Create branded video ads, and walkthroughs of services/specialities.

Upload to Website/Social Pages – Make videos an integral part of the online customer experience.

Leverage YouTube – Post high-quality videos on the practice’s channel for SEO benefits.

Facebook/Instagram Video Ads – Run short video promotions on social platforms.

QR Codes in Office – Link codes to videos providing on-demand virtual reference.

Measure Views/Engagement – Track important metrics to optimize popular/impactful content.

Compelling practice videos motivate patients to book appointments and deepen trust in services through transparent education and storytelling. Video is highly shareable digital content for Dental Marketing to grow a dental brand online.

Text and Sound Content

Text Content

Blog posts – Cover oral health topics, procedures, new technologies, patient stories, etc.

Website content – Service pages, patient guides, and office info written for SEO.

Email newsletters – Share blog content, events, and offers with the patient database.

Case studies – Text-based success stories reinforce expertise.

Social media captions – Summarize videos, and photos on platforms.

Articles – Guest posts on dental publications expand reach and credibility.

eBooks/ guides – In-depth written guides patients can download.

Quotes – Testimonial text from happy clients on websites/ads.

Sound Content

Musical jingles – Create custom instrumental or lyric branding songs.

Nature ambiance – Soothing natural/dental office background sounds.

Office alerts – Record vocal prompts e.g. for appointment reminders.

Acoustic branding – Develop a recognizable sonic identity for touchpoints.

Sound effects – Enhance videos with realistic procedural/tool sounds.

Advertisements – Radio ads with unique sound signatures for the practice.

Sonification– Convert data to sound e.g. heartbeat to explain procedures.

Custom ringtones – Allow download of tones as a reminder of the brand.

Developing rich written and audio-non-visual content forms a complete multi-sensory patient experience online and supplements engaging video/visual formats. It builds knowledge which leads to increased trust and relationships with the practice over time.

Use of Digital Content for Dental Marketing

Targeted ads – Run ads on platforms like Facebook/Google targeting people based on interests related to dental care. Example: orthodontics treatment in your city.

Before/after gallery – Publish a gallery of treatment success stories on your website to establish credibility and showcase your capabilities.

Video library – Create and host an organized library of educational videos covering routine/advanced procedures on your website.

3D/interactive content – Use 3D/AR/VR to provide a simulation of certain treatments like braces, implants, and crowns for better understanding.

Email automation – Trigger automated emails (welcome series, treatment reminders, etc.) to improve engagement over the patient journey.

Patient reviews portal – Ask patients to record short video testimonials about your practice which can be hosted on your site.

Scheduling software – Integrate online appointment booking software to provide a seamless booking experience on your website.

Dental health quizzes – Create brief online quizzes to assess dental issues that can be shared on social platforms.

Blogs – Publish regular blogs on current dental topics, research news & industry developments to position as thought leaders.

Hashtags – Use targeted dental hashtags like #dentistrylife #dentalcare when posting on Instagram to expand reach.

Office videos – Record virtual walkthroughs, equipment demos, and staff introductions for patients to know what to expect.

Local SEO – Optimize citations, business profile details, and local content to rank higher in search results.

Conclusion of Digital Content for Dental Marketing

Traditionally, dentists in Bangladesh have not leveraged online channels fully for their marketing. However, there is now a huge opportunity with rising internet usage in the country. Creato Care is the first full-service digital marketing agency that can help local dentists overcome their challenges in this area.

Creato Care offers specialized dental marketing solutions and handles the entire digital footprint management process end-to-end. Their team of creative designers, content writers, videographers, software developers, and online marketing strategists work closely with clients to understand their unique needs and brand vision to produce digital content for Dental Marketing. They then create rich multi-format content that engages target patients while positioning practices as industry experts.

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